Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School, Back to a Routine

Last week Leyton started school. Oh, Mr. First Grader...we are SO proud of you. He is our shy child but, has really surprised us already with his more laid back attitude about it. Maddie started 4k this morning and was soooo excited. About all of it! Riding the bus, being in a classroom, and meeting new friends. She is our little social and spunky one! Love these kids!

With the munchkins off to the school I have most of the morning to myself - well the days I'm not to working 10hr days. It's such a weird feeling to have silence throught the house but, at this time of year I'm ready for some of that. With the holiday season approaching in the months ahead I have plenty to get done. I'm even hoping to squeeze in a workout 3-4x a week. YAY!

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