Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give me a M

Eeeesh...seriously where or where does the time go?  I haven't posted since last Wednesday and here we are with the month of June already gone! 

I have a "Splash" water birthday party to prepare for next weekend and I will fill you in on some little things I'll be putting together for it.  The invitation I designed for it here I listed in the shop and it's already been a hit. 

Do you remember this post?  I started to put together a little inspiration board for miss Maddie's bedroom redo.  It's coming along.  The walls are painted, dresser painted(still searching for some hardware for it) and I have a few things up on the walls.  Here is a little peek to a favorite wall space of mine.  I have something else I'm working on to complete it and will show you the finished space when that is done.  This M is a fav and it cost me a whopping $3 dollars to make.  I found the M at Michaels in the clearance bin.  All white and complete with hanging hardware.  All I did was trace the letter onto scrapbook paper, cut it out and used double sided tape to adhere it to the M.  I'm sure you can use some sort of spray adhesive but, I didn't have any handy and the tape worked just as well.   Easy enuf, right?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini Vacation

Things have been a tad stressful lately.  It doesn't help that we have fall like weather going on and making it seem that summer has yet to come.  Okay, it did for maybe a week but, not enough to make it really seem like summer is here.  To top it off - on our way home from a Father's Day get together with my husbands parents we hit a deer on a major highway going close to 70mph.  I should say the deer hit us because it seriously came out of no where.  I just thank the good Lord that we are all okay.

I really have to sit back and count my blessing because I know I do not have it bad at all.  It's just the times you wish you could make things happen this way or have a more solid grounding with the way things are and will be.

We are heading to a lake cabin where my family has gone to since the late 70's.  There are so many great memories made there and I cannot wait to be there this weekend for a few days with the family.  It has been one of those traditions that we look forward to every year.  I just never want it to end! 

Vacations are the cure no matter how small. This one couldn't have come at a better time! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Outdoor Waterslide Birthday Party Invitation

And we move on to the next party.  Leyton basically wanted to invite his friends over and just hangout.  When I mentioned having an outdoor water themed party he was all aboard.  The kid loves to be outside so this couldn't be any better.  We'll have a waterslide set up, plenty of water balloons to toss and enough water guns to get drenched from head to toe.

I'll be putting this design in my Etsy shop.  It would also be perfect for a pool party theme.

Enjoy the weekend and make sure those Dad's get plenty of TLC this Sunday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Butterfly Themed Birthday Party

Miss 5 year old had a great time celebrating her birthday with her friends this past weekend. As promised here are some photos of her party decor.  

  Invitations I created.  Digital version can be purchased in my Etsy Shop here.

Tissue poms and cut out butterflies hung above the table.

To carry out the theme and mimic the invitation I added these adorable edible waffer butterflies I purchased from Modern Luxe on Etsy.  I made the butterfly pennant that is on top of the cake.

I cleaned and scrubbed Starbuck frappuccino bottles for the beverages.  The adorable polka dot confetti straws are from Hey YoYo.  I added a butterfly to them to add to the theme.

We kept the food simple since we all know how preschoolers like to eat.  Birthday girl helped me to cut out butterfly shaped sandwiches and cheese slices.  We also served vanilla yogart in small waffle bowls with fresh strawberries and blueberries on top.

I brought a variety of colored little buckets at Target that we filled with party favors.  A favorite was a wind up butterfly that fluttered its wings - Maddie was proud of that find.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Party Planning

Saturday is miss Maddie's party.  She has five little friends coming over for a few hours.  She is super excited to see everyone!  

When I started to work on things for her party I turned to the blog world for some inspiration.  I'm all about pretty parties and saw plenty of them.  I know many out there are to show case their beautiful creations but, I often wonder what small fortune some spend on one certain event.  Anyone else feel that way? 

I think with the right tools, time and a little hands on work you can create a beautiful and fun party on a limited budget.  I seriously think we spent $40-$50 on Maddie's party which includes the invitations, food, decorations, cake, and party favors.  I'll fill you in on all of that next week along with photos of the party.  Can't wait to share!

See you next week!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pillow Love

I adore these pillows by Serena & Lily.  A bit out of my price range to pay for a single pillow but, they are simply sweet.