Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Art Project

I've had this site tucked away in my favorites for months now. I love everything about Feed Your Soul: the free art project. Being an artist this site makes my heart skip a beat or 2. I think everyone should be able to have an unique piece of art somewhere up on a wall. This site has some fabulous prints by very talented artists and lucky for you and me they are free. Print them on photo paper or cardstock, stick them in a frame, hang them up and smile!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tinker Bell

Of course my daughter would have to be some sort of princess or girly character for Halloween. Not that I objected but, I knew once my son turned 3 and he insisted on being a fireman that I could no longer dress them in adorable fuzzy cute costumes. This year Leyton will be Bumble Bee Transformer(I'll post pics of him next week) and Maddie Tinker Bell. I came across this tutorial on YouTube on how to make a no sew tutu and thought I'm crafty...I can make this for Maddie's costume. Let me tell you this was so easy and super inexpensive. Fun too! She absolutely loves it! I was thinking I'd attempt to make the wings but, ended up buying these on the Disney store site. They light up, so how could I compete. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do for the top. Any ideas? I may attempt to sew one or dress up a shirt/tank top. I'll post pics when I have that figured out.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Makes me smile

This morning I was glancing at The Dieline and came across this packaging for wool by Rellana. Hilarious and clever! Last week at work our company had a contest on who could grow the best mustache or beard. They had a few weeks to prepare. It was quite humorous. So I totally got a chuckle out of this when I saw it.

I'm also loving this cute ice cream packaging by the student spotlight: Joao Ricardo Machado
Definitely makes me smile!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Last Thursday I received a convo through my Etsy store site that someone nominated this design for a contest that is being held through the site called: Let's Talk Stationary. I'm not familiar with it but, will definitely mark it as a favorite. It is a stationery designer's resource site that offers a bunch of great perks. I am completely honored that not only did someone really like the design but, took the time to nominate it. So to whom did this - THANK YOU!!! I think I'm blushing here.

I'm also excited to let you know that I've added two new items to the store and have a few others up my sleeve. The first is that I'm now offering 2" round sticker labels. I thought this would be a great item to introduce before the holidays. Perfect for address labels for mailing out those Christmas cards. They can be coordinating to a design that already exists in my store but, I am open to the idea of custom stickers as well. Please convo or email me first since there would be a small design fee included in the price.

The second item is mailing envelope wraps. These are actually a DIY item. I'm offering them as a PDF to match any of my designs. They measure 1.5" h x 8" w and will come 5 per page. All you have to do is print them on sticker paper, cut and wrap. They can also be printed on printing paper, cut and glued/taped on. I'm also open for these to be a custom design. They definitely can jazz up a plain'o boring envelope.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Etsy Girly Love

Last month I ran across a new Etsy store that had the most adorable mod clothing for little girls. I simply fell in love with Growing up with Charissa. Seriously how cute are the clothes she makes?
The clothes and style are completetly different then any other I've seen on Etsy. I bought this dress(see below) for my daughter for Christmas and I cannot believe how perfect it is. Maddie absolutely loved modeling it. Definitely worth checking out.

...and how about the swirl stitching?!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Pumpkins

On Wednesday I will be a chaperon on my son's field trip to this cute little orchard. I'm really looking forward to spending the day with him and his class. I love this time of year...pumpkins, carmel apples, hot cider, jumping in leaf piles...ahh, lovely fall. I can't wait to carve and decorate pumpkins with the kids this year. I think this will be the year that both will be very excited to do so. I love starting little family traditions with them.

I've seen so many lovely ideas in what to do with pumpkins in many magazines and online but, I still have a huge place in my heart for a good old fashioned carved one. Better Homes and Garden has some great stencils to download. Thought I'd share in the fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where or where have I been...

I haven't been the best at posting lately. There are some good reasons for that...the first not so much but, the "cold bug" has hit our house. Tis the season for that in the midwest! The second is that you may have noticed a small depletion of my designs in my Etsy store. I was contacted by another online card company that wanted to carry some of my designs. Since I released a good 18 or so designs to them I've been busy designing new ones to restock the store. Since I work part time for a company and freelance I've been trying to create in between all of that. Anywho...I'm very excited about the company that asked, Photo Affections. They have a great preview option of the designs so you can see what your photo card will look like before you purchase it. Check them out and you may just see some familiar designs.

Here are a few new Holiday card designs.