Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rise and Shine

Look what I added to the shop!  These are available as an 8x10 "you print".  Print one for you and print some for gifts.  If you need other sizes don't hesitate to ask.  How cute would a framed 5x7 be for on some little person's dresser or desk? 

Other color choices available:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabric Wall Butterflies DIY

I have a fun and simple DIY to share.  We've all seen the paper butterflies but, when I first saw this post on How About Orange I thought oh how perfect to make them out of stiff fabric.  The perfect addition to Maddie's bedroom.  These were easy to make and I love that I can incorporate the fabric in other areas of her room as well.


Template for butterflies.  Click here for a pdf file.
Save and print. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping Busy

Things are a little busy around here with me but, good.  I'm plugging away with some new holiday card designs in the shop.  Keep peeking as I will have more in the next few weeks.

I'm also enjoying a little "me" time and I'm almost finished with this book.  Crazy good!  Can't wait to see the movie now. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And off to school we go

Yep, it's back to school for the kiddos.   I had mixed emotions.  A little nervous.  Happy.  Worried.  Excited.  You know like most Mom's I'm sure.  

I think they are ready for the school year.  Both have great teachers and classmates so I know all is well.  

Mr. 2nd Grader -
You're shy and gentle by nature but, your confindence grows each day.  You are growing up way to fast and soon I will be begg'n you for hugs and kisses cuz, it won't be cool for you.  You have to know that your smile is contagious and everyone around you will see that.

Ms. Kindergartner -
Although you have a spunky side your sweet side is just as endearing.  I can't believe you are going to be away from me for full days.  Your creativity and artistic talents...leave us in awe.  You are such a carefree and beautiful young girl.

Mom and Dad are so proud of both you and love you way too much!

This morning as a Back to School treat I made these Cinnamon Roll Pancakes for breakfast.  I can't even tell ya on how good these are.  After the kids left it was these and a cup of coffee.  Complete heaven.

Then there was walk.