Friday, January 29, 2010

Bee Mine - Valentine DIY Treat

Hey all...

Thought I'd share a little DIY Valentine treat with you. This sort of took place over designing Valentine's for my kids classroom parties. I cannot compete with Transformers or Princesses at all! Lucky for the teachers since they were my next target and of course for you as well.

My husbands favorite thing about the restaurant Texas Road House is the Cinnamon Honey Butter they serve with bread before hand. I had found a recipe a while back online for it and it's a sure hit at our house. I thought how fun to jar some up and share with family, friends and neighbors for V-day. I designed the tag that is attached to the bakers string and you can print them here. I actually printed mine so the images would be on the back and front but, it is a little tricky at times to have them line up so I recommend printing them out and gluing them together. Printing them on heavy card stock is best.

Here is the recipe for the Cinnamon Honey Butter:

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup confectioners' sugar
1 cup honey
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

In a medium bowl, combine butter, confectioners' sugar honey and cinnamon. Beat until light and fluffy.

After designing the labels I was racking my brain on what else I can do with this as far as packaging them up. The cute little jars the butter is in I had purchased for $1 each at World Market. I hopped over to Michaels craft store and saw these already made little cotton drawstring bags .49 cents each - can't go wrong. Soooo... with those I whipped up a Happy Valentine's label, printed them on T-shirt transfer paper and ironed them onto the bags. Ta-Da!

I bagged up a serving up Bisquick in a plastic baggy and placed that inside along with the recipe for biscuits. Then attached a heart shaped cookie cutter to the outside of the cotton bag so of course the biscuits can be cut out as hearts.

I ran out of time but, I'm going to place the cotton bag and the cinnamon honey butter in a natural paper bag. I think with the kids teachers and family I'm going to print out a little tag with their photo on it along with "To: and From:" so they can write their names on it. I'll try and post that when I get that far - thank goodness I have a few weeks. ha-ha


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Want...I Want...

Seriously, I'm like a kid in a candy store eyeing up all the goods that the Etsy store Lemon Shop has. Have you ran across it? If not you should! I have probably about a dozen items written down from the shop that I just love. Here are few...

Kraft Index Post It's

Rolling Alphabet Stamp

Eco Cotton Deco Tape :: Grid Pattern Paper Tape

Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't stare at me!

For over 2 months we have this blank wall in our dining room. Our dining room is open to the kitchen and to the living room as well. We had an Ikea floating shelf on it and adorned on top were these 2 vintage tin ceiling tiles I found at a local place called Urban Evolution.

If you are in the area this place is definitely worth checking out. I bought them as whole tiles but, then had a friend cut out the middle so I could place a mirror behind them. I loved them on the shelf along with a tall topiary that set them apart. The only problem was the shelf stuck out a little too far in the space it was in. We felt like we had too duck around it every time we walked on that side. We have a patio door on the far wall of the dinning room which is used quite a bit in the spring/summer so it was just becoming more of a nuisance then anything.

So, now we are left with a blank wall. I really didn't think it would be too hard to find something to put up there. I didn't want to put up a photo or picture of something and call it finished. I constantly have to stare at it while I'm cooking, putting away dishes and etc... I went to a few local stores but, didn't like the things I was seeing. So, I started to browse the net and when I typed in vintage tiles I came across this blog. I've actually admired their shop on Etsy but, never browsed stalked it until now. I just love Nichole's style and her photos are fabulous! One of her post was about her finding lovely vintage tiles at a local store where they live. This is her wall. I "heart" it!

I'm going to head over to Urban Evolution and see if they have any more tiles for sale. I bought mine years ago so I'm crossing my fingers. Anyone have any other ideas where I can purchase some similar to these?This is the wall that is staring at me. The other photo is the color of the adjacent wall that has the patio door. The color also extends into our kitchen. So I'm looking for color variation in the tiles. Okay a girl can dream. These things only happen to me when I stumble upon I'll keep you posted.

I'm still looking for a drum pendant lighting for above our table. Remember when I posted about that way back here. The one listed on that post you can find at one of my favorite home interior stores Room and Board. I love the clean modern lines of their products. Always an excuse to travel to Chicago! Oh, and another little site find I ran across is Alluminare. It lets you customize things such as lighting, pillows and wall paper. Addicting fun stuff!

Happy Monday! Check back later this week. I have a little Valentine treat/DIY to share with you and a few new items that will be added to my Etsy shop.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello all...I just wanted to post a few photos taken by a friends brother-n-law, who works for Save the Children. I posted about donating to Save the Children here. He was sent to Haiti a few days ago to document and photograph the post earthquake. He actually took these from a car window. To see more of Colins photos go here.

Thanks again to all who are donating and for all the well wishes for my brother-n-laws family I can't tell you on how much I appreciate it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That Tall?

Wall Stickz :: Inklore :: Land of Nod

I don't think I've ever mentioned that we have/still are in the process of finishing off our basement. I'll have to post some pics of that. We have a 6 year old home. Open ranch concept type. With a family of four we need more space and last year slooowly but, surely with the help of a friend my husband took on the project. You know how us Midwestern people like to "do up" our basements. Well, we now have a second living room area. It's my husbands haven! Okay...mine a little too. Actually, by this summer I'll have my very own workspace office. I'm lov'n the sound of that. I cannot wait!

Okay off track a bit from the original post that was intended...
A few days ago our son Leyton fell asleep downstairs before his normal bed time. Poor guy Kindergarten just wipes him out! Anyway, I attempted to carry him up the stairs to his bed. I did do it but, I'm talking about a solid 54 pounder here. I swear it was just months ago that it was a much easier task. When my husband got home from work and gave out night time kisses he called to me from Leyton's room and said to me..."I swear he has grow a ton in just the last month." So the dorks we are...we got out the measuring tape and measured him while he was sleeping. The kid is 5-1/2 and is 49". That is 4'1". So I went here to fill in the info to see how tall this boy will could be. Granted I knew he would have height since I'm 5'10" and my husband is 6' 2" but this indicates that by the age of 18 he could be 6'5"!!! Eeks!!!

My biggest regret is not keeping track of this so far. Now I've been keeping my eyes open for a fun growth chart for my kids. These are just a few that I've seen and like. I'm really quite fond of the canvas one here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wall Love

I spotted these on Etsy and gooshing over them. So sweet, simple yet elegant.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

*Sigh* for Haiti

I really didn't know what to name the post. My heart just aches since hearing the news of the earthquake that hit Haiti. For more reasons than just that. You see...I have a brother-n-law who is from Haiti. My older sister met Patrick at a community college right here in Mideastern Wisconsin. She and Patrick have been married for almost 17 years. They have two children and I'm a lucky aunt who has been blessed over the years to have them in my life. Patrick was born and raised in a town just south of Port-au-Prince named Jacmel. Yesterday my sister informed us that they received news that Jacmel got hit just as badly. Patrick has not been able to get in touch with any members of his family or any close friends. His whole family lives in Jacmel. He has heard nothing.

They as a family have been to Haiti at least 7+ times. So for them it's quite vivid. My sister has been tearful since the news. Patrick feels numb. The rest of us are praying and hoping that there will be news soon about his family.

Starting today I will be donating 25% of my Etsy sales to an organization called: Save the Children. Save the Children is preparing to provide immediate lifesaving assistance, such as food, water, shelter and child-friendly spaces for the families effected by the earthquake.

I know it's small in comparison but, I want to help out anyway even how small it may be. I know my sisters family is quite greatful. Even if you do not purchase anything in my Etsy store I encourage you to donate to any legitimate organization to help the country of Haiti.

UPDATE: My brother-n-law has gotten in contact with a close nephew. He and his family are safe. Patricks mother passed away a few years ago but, he is happy to report that his Dad is alive but, does have a broken leg. The problem now is getting the proper medical treatment for him since there really isn't any active medical facilities available. Our family is doing what they can to wire money to them to help but, that is an issue in itself.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hypertufa Containers

Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Have you ever heard of these? Okay, I haven't! But, I do now!!! I was stepping away on the elliptical at the YMCA yesterday morning with my ear plugs on. I happened to catch a segment on how to make these on the Martha Stewart show. I wish I would have known how to make these pots years ago. The "How to" video is not up on her link yet but, I did find a great tutorial on how to make them here.

Yep, time to get my green thumb on!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mini Gingerbread Houses

I know the holidays are over but, I just spotted these cutie's on Craftig. I just want to eat them up...literally! You have to jot on over to Not Martha and see more pictures of them. I'm definitely stashing away the PDF tutorial on how to make them for next Christmas. These would be great to make for a girlfriends night in. They just scream out mocha or latte to me!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

I took this photo last spring and just ran across it again this weekend as I was searching through some folders on my computer. I do have to say I was a bit in "awe" when I saw the outcome of it because camera sucks! No bells and whistles about the one I use.

I just thought this photo was a great symbol of "newness". The start of a New Year and a new decade! Can you believe it's really a start of a new decade?! Not sure nationally nor worldwide it was the best decade ever. Actually, I'm pretty sure it wasn't ranked that highest in our history. We've really been through a lot. 9/11, war, natural devastation, a recession and etc... But, personally I do have to say it was pretty good to me. I got married, bought a house, had two beautiful healthy children, started my own freelancing business, started designing and selling on Etsy. Whew...that is quite a bit now looking back. I'm excited to what lays ahead for this decade. Aside for the fact that I will be getting older! ha-ha

I'm not one to make resolutions but, I do like to plan and have some sort of idea to what may lay ahead. A few things are..building up my Etsy store, more blogging, creating my soon to be office room, buying a new camera, taking more personal trips, and enjoying my family!

Wishing you all nothing but the best for 2010!