Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring on Your Neck

First of all, I have to apologize since I've been missing from here for over a week. I've been filled to the brim with freelance orders. Things are picking up more. YAY for that but, there are so many other things I've neglected. The blog being one and my Etsy store the other. I'm gearing up to creating new designs. For one, because I need "fresh" designs and two, more of my existing designs will be handed over to Pea Pod Announcements. I've designed for them a bit in that past but, will be selling again. They have a new owner Susan and I'm looking forward to what she all has in store. So please check out all the designs on Pea Pod's since she will be reopening the site soon.

The weather has been beautiful in Wisconsin and we are all so excited that spring is upon us. That means the sun is shinning longer and being outside with the kids will be a definite. As soon as Leyton is off the bus he either grabs his scooter or hops on his bike. Ahhh...this means more late work nights for me! I can't deny the kids play time outside this time of year so it's worth it.

Speaking of lovely are these necklaces? I've seen flowers pop up everywhere on necklaces lately. I'm hinting to my husband since some one's birthday is coming up soon. :)

top left :: rachelle d., bottom :: elva fields right :: anthropologie

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