Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She's a keeper

Three days out of the week it's just Maddie and I. Two of those days she goes to preschool for a few hours in the morning. Afterwards we sometimes run a few errands since we Mom's no how much easier it is with just one child to do so. Sometimes we go out to lunch or just come home and eat a little something, read books and then usually I put in a little bit of work time. Maddie is so good when I'm working for a few hours. She usually hangs out with me and colors, plays or watches a movie.

My husband just bought a guitar since he has wanted to take lessons for awhile now. Ever since he has been practicing little miss Maddie will drag her Barbie one out and do the same. This afternoon after lunch I snapped this video of her sitting on the couch with her guitar. Note that she isn't really strumming it and the occasional sticking out of the tongue. She definitely has her "sassy" moments but, this girl just melts my heart.

Oh and sorry for the not so steady shooting on my part. I was partially giggling and bobbing my head with her.

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