Monday, June 25, 2012

An Art Party

My little girl wanted an art party for her birthday celebration with friends this year.  This is the first time we've had a birthday party somewhere else rather than at home for the kids.  I knew we had to keep it simple since we'd have to tote everything.  There was this Studio that caught her eye last year at the downtown farmer's market.  I told her that she could possibly have her next birthday party there.  She remembered.  I'm so glad she did. 

It started with this invitation.

So of course when I saw this cake idea I knew it would be a perfect fit.  It looked a little intimidating but, it was actually pretty easy.  The messy bowls even looked pretty.

They had a party room that fit our group size perfectly.

Then it was time to...

Yup, the cake was a hit!

Along with their painted masterpiece each child took home a paint pail with
goodies in it.

This was one happy little girl.

I can't believe she turns 6 this Wednesday.  Two years ago it was this princess party and last year this butterfly party.  Just shows she is growing up before our eyes.

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  1. I have art party dreams too - I think I might just throw myself one! Beautiful job - love the invitation!