Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give me a M

Eeeesh...seriously where or where does the time go?  I haven't posted since last Wednesday and here we are with the month of June already gone! 

I have a "Splash" water birthday party to prepare for next weekend and I will fill you in on some little things I'll be putting together for it.  The invitation I designed for it here I listed in the shop and it's already been a hit. 

Do you remember this post?  I started to put together a little inspiration board for miss Maddie's bedroom redo.  It's coming along.  The walls are painted, dresser painted(still searching for some hardware for it) and I have a few things up on the walls.  Here is a little peek to a favorite wall space of mine.  I have something else I'm working on to complete it and will show you the finished space when that is done.  This M is a fav and it cost me a whopping $3 dollars to make.  I found the M at Michaels in the clearance bin.  All white and complete with hanging hardware.  All I did was trace the letter onto scrapbook paper, cut it out and used double sided tape to adhere it to the M.  I'm sure you can use some sort of spray adhesive but, I didn't have any handy and the tape worked just as well.   Easy enuf, right?

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