Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All About Dipping

Whew, it was a crazy busy weekend for us!  I think we better get use to it because every weekend is pretty much accounted for until August.  And this is why every summer goes faster and faster.  Seriously, not fair when you only have 3 months of nice summer weather.

Speaking of summers.  Get togethers for this and that are always popping up for us.  I always find myself brainstoming to what I can bring for them.  And it's usually some sort of dip thingy.  What's easier then making dips of any sort, right?  Last night I made a big batch of fruit salsa.  YUM-O  In fact this may be dinner tonight for me.  Yes, that is how it rolls some days.  And this is going to be a sure thing to bring for those get togethers. 

I also spotted this yummy looking recipe for homemade chips and avocado ranch dip.  How good does this look?

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