Friday, July 23, 2010

A slice of Sunshine

We've had the worst bout of weather the last few weeks. It pretty much goes like this...rain one rain the next...rain rain. Cities south of us had 7 inches in 2 hours a few days ago. I'm a little bummed since guess what? More rain tomorrow. Tomorrow is the little guys birthday party. We were all set for a sunny day. We rented an inflatable water slide and was hoping that and other water activities would be the hit. Wishful thinking on my part. Even so I know Leyton will have a blast with his friends and will enjoy his Lego themed party. He's been counting down the days.

Despite all the rain I thought these lovely mini suitcases by Pinky Bleu add a bit of sunshine. How adorable, right? I had this seller hidden when I first saw these on Esty's front page awhile back. The shop is currently closed but, you'll have to take a peek at some of the sold items. There are even gift sets with a onesie inside the mini suitcase. What a great baby shower gift!

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