Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Inspiration

Leyton has been invited to quite a few birthday party's lately and let's just say I'm getting antsy to start planning his and Maddie's party's this summer. Leyton is wanting a Lego theme party and I've already been eyeing up and searching for ideas for his. Maddie is wanting a Ballerina party but, I really haven't browsed as much. And I don't have to look further because today I was glancing at this blog. Tracy threw the most adorable party for her 4 year old daughter. The above photos are just a few. You really have to see all the photos. And everything she did for it is oh, so precious! Definitely a ton of inspiration for Maddie's party. I can't wait to start planning!!! have to check out the rest of Tracy's blog as well. So inspirational in the inside too. Her strength and faith is so uplifting!


  1. I love those flowers in a bucket - thats so pretty. Reminds me of a wedding centerpiece!

  2. wow...what a beautiful inspiration. i know the parties you're planning will be just as beautiful though! P.S. i just did a post linking to your blog. i hope you get some traffic from it. :-)