Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't stare at me!

For over 2 months we have this blank wall in our dining room. Our dining room is open to the kitchen and to the living room as well. We had an Ikea floating shelf on it and adorned on top were these 2 vintage tin ceiling tiles I found at a local place called Urban Evolution.

If you are in the area this place is definitely worth checking out. I bought them as whole tiles but, then had a friend cut out the middle so I could place a mirror behind them. I loved them on the shelf along with a tall topiary that set them apart. The only problem was the shelf stuck out a little too far in the space it was in. We felt like we had too duck around it every time we walked on that side. We have a patio door on the far wall of the dinning room which is used quite a bit in the spring/summer so it was just becoming more of a nuisance then anything.

So, now we are left with a blank wall. I really didn't think it would be too hard to find something to put up there. I didn't want to put up a photo or picture of something and call it finished. I constantly have to stare at it while I'm cooking, putting away dishes and etc... I went to a few local stores but, didn't like the things I was seeing. So, I started to browse the net and when I typed in vintage tiles I came across this blog. I've actually admired their shop on Etsy but, never browsed stalked it until now. I just love Nichole's style and her photos are fabulous! One of her post was about her finding lovely vintage tiles at a local store where they live. This is her wall. I "heart" it!

I'm going to head over to Urban Evolution and see if they have any more tiles for sale. I bought mine years ago so I'm crossing my fingers. Anyone have any other ideas where I can purchase some similar to these?This is the wall that is staring at me. The other photo is the color of the adjacent wall that has the patio door. The color also extends into our kitchen. So I'm looking for color variation in the tiles. Okay a girl can dream. These things only happen to me when I stumble upon I'll keep you posted.

I'm still looking for a drum pendant lighting for above our table. Remember when I posted about that way back here. The one listed on that post you can find at one of my favorite home interior stores Room and Board. I love the clean modern lines of their products. Always an excuse to travel to Chicago! Oh, and another little site find I ran across is Alluminare. It lets you customize things such as lighting, pillows and wall paper. Addicting fun stuff!

Happy Monday! Check back later this week. I have a little Valentine treat/DIY to share with you and a few new items that will be added to my Etsy shop.

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